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Why Southwest Pain Center

You have several options for pain management in the southwest suburbs; however we believe our approach is unique and 36 years of treatment outcomes proves it works.

Whether you’re seeking treatment for the first time or have seen your primary care doctor for pain and are still not getting sufficient relief to return to a healthy lifestyle, SWPC can help.

Get relief from pain immediately. With our extensive experience, you can receive relief from chronic pain, injuries, or more.

Call us today at 708-550-3999 to schedule your consultation and start experiencing relief.

We’re trained in the most recent therapies and technologies innovated for pain management

  • We employ multi-disciplinary strategies to resolve pain where previous therapies have failed

  • We begin by determining the origins of chronic pain to tailor a treatment plans specific to complex conditions

Stubborn pain syndromes can be some of the most frustrating to endure for, both those who are suffering, their families and friends. Difficult chronic pain can cause repeated loss of work, absence from important family events and difficulty with activities of daily living, preventing you or your loved ones from living a vital lifestyle.


However, many long-term pain sufferers are finding pain management strategies that finally do work even after routine therapies and specialists have failed, and they’re living healthy lifestyles as a result. We take time to really listen to every patient’s story and tailor treatment to address the underlying causes of the pain - not just mask its symptoms.

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